Posted by: Brain Malfunction June 26, 2008
Nas: An Open Letter to Priyanka Karki
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as is a brilliant marketer but......this thread is absolutely overrated...


slipknot_IW,  you hit it now ..... (now I bet you run  a website).. if not, then people who do..  know it better - you need something extra to promote your site and drag more traffic..

 and of course this requires some stunts..or viral threds like this.... and our Nas is master of it.. .

.. , do you remeber his another similar viral thread in kurakani recently, saying "Half Million Hits Ramjham Special .." ....?  He just was trying to convey the message " Hey guys, look.. Ramjham is back again.. (after it was hacked).. ".  Similarly, I remeber his another another one thread "IS SAJHA A PORN SITE????" or something like this..

.... don't think sajha has become popular so easily..

OK OK..I should not speak more.. I don't want Nas to ban my IP in sajha (for the third time) .. 

[Nas , don't worry.. not all people understant these stuffs.. at least not our Poor Priyanka darling..]


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