Posted by: nmsake May 20, 2008
Make cheap and clear calls to nepal
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Koolhead,  We are very frustrated with the card services advertisement here in sajha. I have very bad experience with QFM advertised here on top of the page and so do others. If your card service is good, i would suggest you to drop your contact info here and incase if we run into issues such as bad connection less minutes than what is mentioned and moreover if we need to contact you even interms of transaction, that will help. If you drop your contact info here then it will be better and people will be convinced and also make sure that you or some one will answer the call. As you can find in some other threads here some of  us have bitter experience with the calling cards and we have to be careful about all these ads no. For example QFM card, they never ever answer the call and never response the email in tim. For example, we have to make a call now and bought a card and if the card does not work then wehre should we contact if you guys  do not answer the phone? There is only one thing to keep in mind that we  pay for the service and we should be satisfied from the service we paid for. Therefore, proved us some info and then i personally will try to call using your card as i make  call to my family often.

Do not get me wrong but as you also know  the consumers should be happy from what they pay for.

Thanks koolhead and good luck.

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