Posted by: HappyFace May 6, 2008
Who designed Nepalese Flag?
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"The Flag of Fathers" was designed with the following logic:

Nepal has many hills and high-peaked mountains. Keeping this in mind the two triangular shapes were designed.

The Red color symbolizes and as well honors the blood of the brave and fearless Nepali troops who displayed unique valor and unmatched gallentry, and received martydom during the Nepal-unification process. The Red color also indicates that, if at any time there is a threat to the sovereignty of Nepal, we will glow with courage and bravery, just like the fire-red color, and face the threat.

The Moon and Sun reflects the fact that as long as there are Moon and Sun in the sky, there will be Nepal.

The Blue color margin was added later and explains that we are a peace loving country.

And that is why it is said,"Rato Ra Chandra Surya, Jangi Nishan Hamro; Jeudo Ragat Sari, Baldo Yo Shaan Hamro"

And if it was not for the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah, we would have already been a part of India long time ago, and would not have our identities as Nepalis. No matter what the current situation, I think and srongly believe, that we should not forget the past and should reverve and honor the Great! Because, if we forget the past, we will also forget our real identity and who we are, and someday we will also forget humanity.

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