Posted by: crapManDo May 6, 2008
Who designed Nepalese Flag?
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This is what i heard about the origin of Nepalese Flag:
King Prithvi Narayan Shah was away from Gorkha on a Major Mission to conquer one of the Baise-Chaubise Rajya. It was a big and a Bloody war. Prithvi Narayan Shah and his army slaughtered lots of opponent's army and people. It was a proud victory for Gorkhali Army. All his army was celebrating the victory on the way back to Gorkha.
Its obvious that after such a bloody war, Prithvi Narayan Shah was all covered with blood. Even his Daura-Surwal insde his armour had stains of blood. Before he entered the terrotory of Gorkha, he changed his Surwal which was totally soaked in blood. We all know the shape of nepalese Surwal. if you don't, its very loose and baggy in the upper( hip) part and tighter as you go down towards your foot. One of his boy in his army stucked Prithvi Narayan's Surwal on his sword and start swing in the air. His country man, who saw the victory march from a distance, thought that it was a new flag Prithvi Narayan Shah created. From the next day every house in the kingdom of Gorkha copied the army boy and stuck red two-trangled flag as a celebration of their King's Victory in war.
Some other king, later on, put a white sun and a moon on the flag....and another big headed person explained what they meant..
Nepalses Flag was actually orginated from a pair of Bloody Trousers of Prithvi Narayan Shah!!!!!

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