Posted by: sajhakhohero April 2, 2008
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common guys! common dahlings! you could at least give me a better advice. Don't be like boring old people. You all sounds like that...........old grandpa, old man old woman giving advice to their young ones. This is the new Generation GOT it! I though you can come out with better advice so i decided to pour it here.

to : sanju.baba go and learn to respect Others! but still i won't blame you!

to: ratobhaley i told you before in my other threads that i do not want to disclose my SEX! it's not important.

to: sYaKuuRiolAKU_nchImb dahling this is not a gay thread.

to: jptsamachar i will not even think about such "thing" dahling! i can wait until she/he is ready and wants to go to next level.

to: sampada and others i know she/he is married but now my welfare is at stake. My heart is Pumping so hard even now while i thought about her/him. And  whenever i meet her/him i feel so happy. This never had happen to me................and now i feel that i have something to push for!

And yes i don't want to break their family apart but i be breaking my own heart then!! why so perplex? why so confusing? why so complicated? My exams are just around the corner...................but i can't FOCUS now because of her/him. 

What to do?  She/he also phoned me once a day cauz i like listening to her/him.

any EXPERT to give advice?


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