Posted by: dautari November 15, 2007
GONE BABY GONE - a masterpiece by Ben Affleck
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Rato Bhaley, I am just saying the Morgan Freeman has a personality on par with that of Sean Connery. These two are the actors whose mere presence in the scene lifts that scene up to the next level. Their female equivalent among the living actresses is Dame Judi Dench.

There seems to be a debate about the origin of The Departed. I did not know that it was based on Internal Affairs. I am in Boston and it was all over the Boston media that the movie was based on Whitey Bulger's story. I then checked and read the trivia section. Yes, it seems The Departed IS the American remake of Internal Affairs but the CHARACTER that Jack Nicholson plays is based on Whitey Bulger.

While, going through the trivia, I came across an interesting fact. The Departed is the movie that has the highest count of the F-word (and its derivations) to win the Best Picture Oscar. The F-word has been spoken 237 times throughout the film.

Somebody mentioned American Gangster and that's another movie on my list. I will probably go next week. I dropped the idea of going to see Om Shanti Om after hearing plethora of negative remarks about the film. Besides I already found the video of the title song on YouTube.

Well, I am still waiting for the reactions of someone who has already seen Gone Baby Gone. I will then know whether I was just moved by the fact that it was a Boston-based movie or it is in fact a good movie.


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