Posted by: KaLaNkIsThAn November 15, 2007
GONE BABY GONE - a masterpiece by Ben Affleck
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Thukka!! I should have gone to watch that movie yesterday -- I was doing nothing but staring at the screen of my computer trying to finish things I started. It's one of the movies I wanted to watch, but I didn't realize it was already out in the theater near my house. Oh well! will watch.

Talking about "Departed" and "Internal Affairs", I watched 'em both and both of them are equally entertaining. Calling "Departed" a copy of "Internal Affairs" is like saying Amitabh Bachchan is a copy of Al Pacino. Even Amitabh Bachchan admitted that he was very much inspired by Al Pacino (Godfather released before Amitabh was a superstar), as a viewer you may find a thread of similarity between them. There was more to Amitabh (from 70's) than Al Pacino inspiration. Same with "Departed" and "Internal Affairs". The storyline of the "Departed" was based on "Internal Affairs" but the treatment, screenplay and characterization are different. They took certain elements from the series of Internal Affairs movies (it's a trilogy) and made "Departed". If you like Hongkong style movies, you will love Internal Affairs. If you like Martin Scorsese (MS) movie, you will love Departed. I like both genre and I loved both HK version and MS version. Some part, HK version is awesome and more thrilling than MS version. But, MS version has unbeatable dialog and some crazyass characterizations. Both of them were awesome.

BTW, HK makes awesome movies -- way cooler than Bollywood movies, and often way better than Hollywood movies. Movies like "Kung Fu Hustler" are unthinkable both in Hollywood and Bollywood movie industries.

"Mystic River", I liked the part where it shows how the nature of wife influences the husband. Strong and supporting wife = strong Sean Penn, Weak wife = what's his name ... umm ... Susan Sarandon's Husband. :D

I watched "American Gangster" and was way better than I had thought.

aaah!!! why me?
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