Posted by: besha January 14, 2007
Sai Baba's crimes & his "SEDUCED" online video.
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U konw what DUDES , if Sai Baba would have born in US or UK he would have been Jesus but since he was born in India (Bharat ) they don't just accept it. That's it. They just dont want Baba to accept. They are the ones talking all the time that Jesus is white and now the avatar is Born in India so its quite annoying for them. Actually we should all unite and reapect the presence of Bhagwan in our land and at the same cultivate love and peace among all religions of the world that is the religion of humanity. It's the same BBC or CNN which tells all the time that we are poor Nepal , India , they give false message as regards Iraq. So think about it twice. Baba is in you, you just have to cleanse yourself. Imagine you are a metal (rustic) you need to clean yourself then only magnet(i.e. god) will get attracted to you. God is always there for you. jai Nepal.
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