Posted by: Dr. Virus January 14, 2007
Sai Baba's crimes & his "SEDUCED" online video.
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Its not only Sai Baba, all the so called "religious teachers" are same. Popes have always been associated with MAFIAs, Sankracharya (one who ordered to kill Shankar Raman, who was from the same Peeth), Sai Baba (we have seen the reality above), Muslim religious teachers, who agitate thier followers against other religions and persuade them for Jihad, etc. All of them are Criminals with political support. What I dont understand is why ppl run after them? Why dont we realise their tricks and unveil them? I am well convinced with the saying " Man was not created by God, It was the man who created God". So God has no existence and those who preach about him, are simply fooling us. There is no reason to believe those cheaters who are running their religious parties (akin to political parties).
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