Posted by: anonymous October 30, 2006
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john bro...:oD havent read it yet..but just seeing u shared eyes are glittering(not gay ok!;oP hehe)my heart seems like its fluttering and all my senses seem a bit more heightened hehe and wat not?(did i say too much?i thot it was little :oS ;oP hehe) and yeah actually have an ass(ignment) to finish and which i shud be doin now for the past 2 hrs :o| off to that again..but cheers for sharing and hope things are fine there :oD and the previous one u sure she be alright? they say leopard might never change their spots..but they do take care of their own?;oP plus we aint talkin about a leopard are we?;oP hehe..tho its not mention im sure u know we are watchn...voyeurs we are?:oS and enjoyn immensely :oD...cheers for the pleasures re kya ;o) hehe..and definetly look foward for tonight when i be gettn more pleasure ;o) hehe..thanks to u of cos ;oP hehe good day!:oD
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