Posted by: ImI September 18, 2006
The pop's regret
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Sid , i don't drink that cheap beer ..hahahah..well i can't stop people from talking..well they will even if i say ..u are being hypocrite..well thats how we nepalese are..can't help it .. Bornfree, dude ..teach me lesson kill me ..slaughter me..well thats great !!!can't anything better than that from you guys. By critizing USA Nepal is not going to progress..but u are not smart enough to get this! what makes you feel u love Nepal , more than i do???? we will see...just jump in glass of water and kill yourself if u cheat your principle and BS what you say here. good luck now that you are here in US ..we will see when are u going back..bakbas garcha sadhai..and i know how are you at telling lies..i have caught u before too.
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