Posted by: lfc123 September 18, 2006
The pop's regret
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there is nothing wrong with religion and politics being linked. while i am glad that church and state are sperate in nepal, but in places like saudi arabia, iran, egypt and algeria, church and state are very interlinked and just because they are interlinked does not imply they support terrorism. so there, the two being interlinked is not a problem imi. whiel a lot of terrorists adovcate for a strict interpreation of sharia law governing and leading the muslim countires, waht they reallyyyy demand in thier jihad is western countires stop interfereing in their personal matters, stop supporting israel, stop infereing in chechyna and kashmir, stop infering in almost all the islamic nations actually..they just want western influence out. again, some of these muslims may have the right to be frustrated because they too have have oppressed a lot, but they blatantly attack innocent lives and citizens, which mind you, is not permitted by quran. and with the islamic resurgence only growing aorund the world, this conflict is only getting bigger. as for religions teaching violence, please, all religions have some violent or militaristic aspect to it and so does islam and hinduiim (mahabharta?) and all the other wars that take place in the sky.
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