Posted by: Captain Haddock January 8, 2006
Restaurant Review
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Its been a while since we had a thread on restaurants in Sajha so I thought it might be nice to talk about any places you have been to lately that you liked or did not like: My picks (mostly in the Boston Area): - Cafe Sushi, Harvard Square, Cambridge: Decent and inexpensive dining for people too busy (read lazy ) to cook dinner like myself. There is a pretty good variety of food and it is very moderately priced. Their meal sets (salmon, chicken) are pretty good. However, the Sushi bar could use a little sprucing - half the displays were empty when I last went. - Blue Fin, Porter Sqare, Cambridge: I went to this place after a long time and it seems to have become really good. There is a parking lot behind the restaurant for like a dollar for 2 hours or something. Great sushi, maki, teriyaki and salads. - Koreana, Broadway, Cambridge: No traces of the apparent fire that was supposed to have shut the restaurant down. Spruced up decor. Great pork and chicken bulgogi. Fire up the grill for some thrill :) Kathmandu Kitchen, Davis, CA: If you can make really good home-cooked Nepali food, the food here might not be to your liking as I found out from a friend who I went to the restaurant with. For those who dont get to eat decent Nepali food very often (my wretched self included), the dal-bhat-tarkari-masu special might be worth the hour long drive from San Francisco. Martsa on Elm, Davis Square, Somerville, MA : Nice Tibetan restaurant - great momos and chicken chilly. Nice decor. I have a couple of other interesting in mind but would love to hear from others. Anyone go to any place interesting lately?
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