Posted by: VincentBodega July 27, 2005
Vote: Ashu vs Gagan Thapa
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GP, No wonder you share the same initial as Girija Prasad!!! It's almost histerical how well you know this Ashu character. No, I do not know Ashu and don't fancy half of the things he writes and talks about in these forums. That doesn't mean I am going to help you with your mental masturbation by answering your childish jargon. The way you have described him you either fancy him or it's mere jealousy that's oozing out. You take your pick! One last thing, if you have something against him, take it out with him personally. Don't dare misuse names like St. Xavier's, Harvard, GAA or Banasthali. They are still considered sacred by some. --BV
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