Posted by: IndisGuise June 16, 2005
Love confusion????
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Aba research le nai tyai conclusion lyayo bhane ta maile tyaslai kehi bhannu mildaina Rythm. :). Guys might make decisions or might respond more on/by what he sees, relatively more than females, in general. However, vis-a-vis pronography; methinks both sexs respond equally. Perhaps it might take a minute or two more for females. This is just my opinion. But as of now, I however do not have any scientifically researched conclusion to back my opinion; thus it is more than likely that you are correct ;). Haar ke bhi jitne wale ko kya kehete hein re Rythm :p.? ------------------------------------- Highfly bro, please yaar, kina malai sitara ko wrath sanga date fix gardai chau? It might be true that the wrath of a lady like her is more appealing than simple shove of other mortals :p, but sometimes she can shred people to pieces. Please spare me. And Ruina is not barely legal, in fact she is explicitly legal. Ek adh barsa ma Nepal janda dhunga muda khayera hospital ma upchar garna janda, ausadhi lekhne manche uni nai huncha ki, or god forbid, operation sapration garne pani, bhanna sakindaina.:) hehe. -------- Does being cited for sexual harrassment and "unauthorized groping in the dark" necessarily mean I am guilty chitara? :(. In the nation where Mr. Michael is acquitted, will my prosecutors and evidence against me hold much water? Would you not believe in my innocence? :(. Would you also be swept away by the accusations and turn blind-eye to my innocent soul? :(. Hehe bhandya ni.:p. But seriously, would you? ;) LOL. In jest, Indisguise:) P.S: Ignore the typos.
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