Posted by: Rythm June 16, 2005
Love confusion????
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well thats not what I meant.. a guy has to see re k Indi jyu.. I mean if a guy wants whatever with a gal...(by whatever i mean any kind of relationship) he will do it based on what HE SEES, while the same cannot be said for a gurl. Also in some kind of situations, a guy visulalises and imagines his gal when she is not in front of him. Even while talking to a gal on the phole he would want to know how exactly she is looking at the moment. he would like to know what she is wearing and so on. In the case of a girl though, she doesnt always have to know how the guy looks. I mean okay, appearance does matter. I would never fall for a guy who is not physically ttractive to me. But there are other things that are more important to a gal, but when it comes to a guy, looks is the first thing that counts. They are visual. That is also why (according to a research done by scientists) guys respond more to pornography than gals do.
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