Posted by: Hushpuppy May 6, 2005
Love confusion????
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for the first question its yes most of the times, Ardent. I wish i had more time i wud it make my story like a fairytale, now that i lived it already its more like a MAHABHARAT, and Arjun(me/us) has to run along doing errands and at the same time pleasing all the beaus when I can find time to do so..and sometimes the only person that deserves attention is so so far away that all you can hope is for peace on either ends of the banks... well i hope my words are simple enuf to relate to.. hmmm..fairytales...and yes i still belive in cinderalla ..him the prince...and i'm waiting for the godmum to change things the right way...and you must be witing for rapunzel.....and he turns out to be shrek instead of a prince...i try my best for the toad to kiss him into a prince never works...well we're all ain't so confusing..its just need for identity, belongingness and most of all the right time the right la prIInce will come...and there'll be happiness ever after.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh...such a dream..........what a dream what a life
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