Posted by: Soumya-gulmohar tree October 16, 2020
बलत्कारि होस् तँ ..
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It will be a prudent move of Nepali government if they go with MCC. At least we have already seen the behaviours of both gaint neighbours. Let us have the third gaint neighbour (dherai tadako mitra) to counter balance the equation. If we observe closely how nations make their constitution and how they enforce rule of law in their country, US is not worse in comparison with our neighbours. For me I look for the constitution (better if constitution is above religion), rule and regulations, how policies are updated and implemented are the most important factors in order to live because these are direct physical manifestations of people living in any country. Rest is secondary. Let's not demonize MCC. If there are certain clauses which are not in Nepal's best interest, then Nepal government should have the audacity to reject them or come up with a solution that US get convinced to negate them. Nas bro lai feri paro tattine hola mero kura sunera :D
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