Posted by: dave_dat October 10, 2020
Retrospecting Obama and what to expect from Biden
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Back in 2010, one of my friends got ill ,he was an international student so health insurance was mandatory. It was some small college town in heartland. What started as a mild cough, cold and fever (pretty much like covid) started getting worse by the day, he was admitted to a local in-network hospital system. His condition didn't improve, rather it started deteriorating. The hospital pretty much surrendered saying there is nothing much they can do, and the reason was...there was no ACA, so the insurance had maximum limit, and the hospital system which could treat him was not in-network, so the hospital was waiting for him to die. Some of the students literally fought with the local hospital to get him referred to one of the best medical centers, he was airlifted the next hour his chances of survival jumped from 10% to 40% that very night. He was fortunate he had some smart group of friends who could fight with such insurance companies. His medical bill was around $1 millon not sure how is he managing to pay that but he is very much alive and doing very well. For those who don't have smart group of friends ACA is there for you...that's my experience of no Obama Vs Obama
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