Posted by: logan September 12, 2020
बचत होइन लगानी गरौ !!!
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Many of us are not a student of Economics and in theory if 1 dollar bill passes through 10 people in a single day that will be multiplied by 10 which is the value added by dollar bill is 10 or equal to one circulation of 10 dollar bill.

And the Americans are living proof of Chadakya nit i"RiNam kritwaa ghritam piwet ..." and the thread creator is just opposite of it and acting and thinking like great grand parents. Our ancestor saved their money for us and did not enjoy it. Now he is walking through wearing the same pair of shoes his ancestors wore and exactly preaching same philosophy. Common man, your wife want to enjoy a brand new mobile phone , let it be and you can afford it. Let me co-relate your past thread here: Bhai timro shirmati sangai sutchhin tar timro linga uthdaian, you are too much of running after saving. She may have been excited that day and you may have chance to have erected dick but you were consumed by the new mobile phone and you needed Viagra which you do not want to spend a penny on it.

This is sarcasm, do not take is personal. You can not enjoy mean your spouse should join with you is not appreciable thing.
Agreed with R, if added pictures are irrelevant then even good comments you have made will go down.

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