Posted by: goddamn August 16, 2020
Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?
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"those few fellow Nepalese who advocate trump are low end DV winners or asylum turn citizen who heavily depend on government funding . The logic behind their support to trump is nothing but a result of jealousy."

This is the kind of condescending statement that is causing more literate people to vote Trump while "vedas" are lining up to vote against Trump (they are not voting for Biden, who is just missing and is mentally unfit).
This remind me of christian missionaries. In church, they would say if you are an honest person an pray sincerely jesus will talk to you. If Jesus doesn't talk to you then you are evil, monster and are not a good person. All of a sudden every new members would start "seeing" Jesus, then it continues. You make 100 people beleive by threat/ fear / manipulation then other 1000 vedas who cannot think for themselves will follow. Same thing with Trump, if you are for him you must be evil and monster. They broke off some NFL members, some hollywood celebrities and others with threat of ending their careers. This is the liberal strategy and our community along with other communities who put their caste / race above anything else falls for these kind of startegy. People start thinking for yourselves, even if you vote for Biden find the reason for it. Do not succumb to these kind of haters. Harris has put more blacks in Jail than Trump. Biden fouhht to keep blacks segregated not Trump. And, TRUMP IS MUCH BETTER FOR NEPALI IMMIGRANTS than Biden. Democrats always sees south Asians as partof oppressing race, along with whites. They group us with Indians and have called us as hypocrites and racists on BLM.
People who vote for Biden in fact do not have any agenda. They are haters. People on left are much radical in any policoes. They are the sell outs.
Summary: Nepalis who vote for Biden thinking they are doing their community favor are the dumbest losers of all. They are shooting themselves in their foot and other fellow countrymen.
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