Posted by: tps2gc August 16, 2020
Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?
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Mr shakya lemme help u find the answer of "who supports trump" brother . Virtually no human in this planet earth with a lil bit of consice should vote n elect trump. U can be a Democrat or Republican but if u stand in 2 feet u can't be trumpin.

Now answering your question , those few fellow Nepalese who advocate trump are low end DV winners or asylum turn citizen who heavily depend on government funding . The logic behind their support to trump is nothing but a result of jealousy. Their logic is that if trump is reelected he will higher the wall and bar immigrants entering this country. In this way they will not have to share their subsidized food stamps and other federal benefits to other fellow immigrants . Only few self centric Nepalese wish for trump for their personal benefits .these low end people have no political agenda to support trump.
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