Posted by: chicagoan August 16, 2020
Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?
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You are assuming all Nepalese behave exactly the same. That is the biggest fallacy here. I am a vegan but i have Nepali friends, family who are vegetarian or eat goat and chicken and also those that eat everything except for cow. But then there are some who eat beef as well. Everyone has their own justification. Some consider cow as sacred because of their hindu upbringing and some think that is silly it is just another animal. So i don't judge. It's their choice.

Also liking or disliking Trump is the same thing. Some people spend their waking hours hating him without realizing that their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure has taken the turn for the worse. While others take a chill pill knowing fully well that the politicians are the same, most are good at hiding their bad feelings and bad deeds while President Trump glorifies those.

So your question tries to group together all the Nepalese as one. But luckily each of us are different and have different level of intelligence to go with.
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