Posted by: Alias_ July 23, 2020
India has been killing Nepali leaders who spoke about Kalapani
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It's not about anti-India or anti-neighbor; it is about anti-encroachment, anti-blockade, anti-water politics; anti-creating conflict or terrorists like then-Maoist to produce discord and casualties of civilians for their sinister design. Nepal has been too mum for too long-diplomatically-and it has created static indifference to the core issues that are vital for the survival of any sovereign nation, more indispensable for a country like Nepal which is fixed between two giants. India, on the other hand,should focus on its own Indians who are living in abject poverty and destitution-probably more than quarter of the 133 crores-and, practice warm and beneficial relations, instead of threatening and subduing its bordering neighbor. A developed and amicable India is a huge bonus for all the countries of SE Asia.Nepal is also in dire needs for the new leaders like late Madan Bhandari who went to Trishuli too soon as now it is governed by politicians cum mafia gang, head quartered at New Baneshor BCCI...and then, opinions are like tits, everybody got them..
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