Posted by: harihar July 21, 2020
India has been killing Nepali leaders who spoke about Kalapani
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Stop your anti-India tirade. Only the leaders have to gain, we don't gain anything by being anti-India.

For Madan Bhandari death there was rumor that it was due to in-fighting within the party for leadership. The driver Amar Lama was killed by Maoists after 10 years.

Royal Massacre, there are many rumors. But it is our own weakness. If we believe such rumors then you have to answer "How come a palace guarded by 10000s of Gurkha Army has a bunch of any other army able to massacre the whole royal family?"

Personally I believe it might have been Gyanendra's master mind. But still it is just rumor. We cannot go by rumors and gesticulations.

Regarding KP Oli. What has he done for betterment of Nepal?
Has he constructed electricity from air, yet as he promised several years ago?
Has be brought the melamchi water to kathmandu yet after billions of rupees expense and Ghotala after Ghotala?

Yes Nepal should keep raising the issue of kalapani which I agree with but being anti-neigbhour is not Good. Both India and China are our Neigbhours. But I see the current trend of anti-India. Do you think the Chinese are good friends? If you think so you are sadly mistaken.
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