Posted by: dhasukha July 21, 2020
India has been killing Nepali leaders who spoke about Kalapani
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Some people probably don't know why Bidhya Bhandari is President of Nepal. Top Leaders of Nepal from both parties believe that it was India who was the main actor behind the death of late Mr. Madan Bhandari who was killed in 1993 when he raised issue with India many times about the Indian troops stationed in Nepali land ( Kalapani , Limpiadhura).

Some believe Nepal made Ms Bidhya Bhandari its President to taunt India. India knows now that Nepali leaders know about India's involvement in the death of Mr. Bhandari and that's why Modi came to Nepal 3 times to negotiate with the ruling party of Nepal after Nepal got a full majority Government for the first time in its history.

Some Political Analyst believe that India was also responsible in the Royal Massacre. They wanted the King gone so that they could buy the political leaders of Nepal to dance in their tunes. King Birendra wanted Indian troops removed from the Kalapani region and raised the issue with India many times through PM Marichman Singh and other former King's Prime Ministers.
A son of a security guard at the Narayanhiti Palace has told that the palace was attacked by masked men on the day of Massacre, which proves that it was some powerful State's act.

So it seems like India has been involved in covert act in removing Nepali leaders. How they will remove PM Oli, that we have to see...

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