Posted by: prem kumar April 13, 2020
Is America a failed state ?
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I just wonder why people here are scared to show their Support to Trump. No matter you support or not, Trump is our President and will be until 2024.
Trump has done everything in his behalf to contain Covid-19 aka Chinese Corona Virus. At first he was misled by so called scientists, Dr, Fauci, WHO, and China. Its all in the media as a proof.
There is no Bipartisan in this: Trump is working himself and he does have rights to Shut down the country but he did not because he said there is something called laws and he wont shut down. If he had done, I guarantee Democrats and Liberal media will slap him with being Dictator because they already called him Xenophobic and Racist when he declared China Travel Ban. Proof: Chuck Schumer, Biden check their tweets and Chuck deleted it later already.
NY Mayor and councilwoman urged People to go out instead to defy Trump’s warning.
When doctors around the world started treating Covid-19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine and Z-pck, liberals and liberal media went against it 24/7 and some governors even banned this drug. You see the Hypocrisy?
Now Corona Stimulus package, Democrats slipped some of their agenda like millions for Kennedy center, congressional expenses, mail-in ballots, and more in the stimulus or they won’t vote for it. Why this when people are dying and the nation is in a dire situation instead of working together?
Now Dr Fauci comes out and says every day some self-contradictory materials.
So one after another, every week every day there is someone betraying Trump. But why? Deep state is real.
Draining the Swamp and Making America Great is not as easy as it sounds I guess.
But Trump is never going to give up until the Swamps are gone.
But you know what God is on his side!
In God We Trust!
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