Posted by: richard10000 April 13, 2020
Is America a failed state ?
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I’m not siding with Trump. This is pandemics. No country or government can be ready for things like that. Federal government has no authority to shut down like in China. The local and state government are equally powerful as well. NYC itself can be considered a country. You can even blame WHO and China for reporting false information in the beginning. That delayed the whole response against the virus. Also some western countries were trying for herd immunity- exposing more citizens. So called big scientist and MD thought it’s Like a normal flu. You name it dr Fauci, Dr biarx. Now they suddenly come out with 110-220K deaths. Healthcare in US literally forgot about PPE, we pretty much got cure, treatment or vaccines for all viral, bacterial, and various other infectious diseases. Liberal And Democrats always make things political, but I ask them, How would they respond if they were president?
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