Posted by: dyamn December 12, 2004
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John Smith ji, let me ask you one question. In your thread you menton that you respect hinduism. You even reach to the point that you respect your hindu relatives for having thier own god. What kind of christain are you that respect the idol worshippers? Idol worshipping is considered as a sin in bible. if you're a true bible follower then you can not say i don't preach.. you have to spread the good news... (good news for you)...and you can not respect idol worshippers... Also, how did you turn into christain? let me hear about that.. did jesus appear in your room in the night in white cloth and told you to become christain? or it was the knock from that missionary guy who bumped into you during your life as a hindu... or was it someone missionary school.. who forced you to sing hymns every sunday..what makes you think you are not brainwashed??you are truly brain washed.. you're another human being in this planet earth who is a vicitim of the fanatismm.. i'm sorry for you.. peaceeeee dyamn
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