Posted by: corona virus March 16, 2020
Looking for a man
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Hi, female looking for a committed relationship
Height -5 3
Occupation -RN
Location- CA( not willing to relocate but possible)
Status - LPR
Marital status- unmarried but long committed relationship didn't work out .

Looking for a non judgemental supportive n most importantly respectful life partner .one thing I have learnt from my past mistakes," beauty fades , intelligence lasts forever"

When I say man, I am not looking for a hunk, because I have probably met hunk of my life and already said f*** o** . For me a Man is a blending of kindness ,respect ,care and intelligence and stands for his girl no matter what n I'll assure the same for him.n that's it . Can stay unmatched whole life than being in wrong relationship AGAIN

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