Posted by: musya February 13, 2020
what's your thought on parasite movie.
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Before the Oscars, the theater was mostly empty. You can see how full theaters are when you buy tickets using the apps nowadays. But when I went to see the movie earlier this week, the theater was packed. The beginning was kind of slow, like most Korean movies. Then the middle part of the movie was really interesting. However the ending was kind of dark. Overall, the movie was really entertaining. Like most Korean movies, unexpected twists and turns.

With all this, I don't think it was Oscar-worthy movie. The direction was good, but I did not feel that it was extraordinarily great. Most good Korean movies have great direction. The story was good, but did not think good enough for the best movie award.

I thought that it is either because of a political reason that this Korean movie was risen to this much of prominence or there were no other better movies made in the West this year. However definitely a worthy movie to go see.
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