Posted by: harkhe7 January 14, 2020
The Great Himalayan Cable Car
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I saw the video below few days ago. And, I think that it will be a great service and a great gift to the people of Nepal and the world. Like the world has never seen before! It will create economic benefits to the people of Nepal, and the tourists will be able to immerse in the Himalayas and experience it from very up close. China started building the Great Wall of China in 1300s, so the Nepali people should be able to build this in 2100s. Money should not be problem. We just need a will to do it. And, I think that the brave people of Nepal have a lot of " जोश ". हामीमा जोश को त होइन तर होशको आनिकी येति ठुलो प्रोजेक्टको ब्यबस्तापन गर्ने छमताको चाई कमि हुन् सक्छ । तर काम नगरी अनुभव पनि हुन्दैन ।

What do you say?

Cable car in Alps mountain range 

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