Posted by: Alias_ January 13, 2020
विश्व शान्तिलाई सबैभन्दा ठूलो जोखिम अमेरिकाबाट
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Mr. Chomsky is right in saying US has turned into a big belligerent nation which wage war with anyone--anywhere--anytime. If one study history and all the global political combat after 1900s, no other country has slaughter so many "human" as US does; from Afganistan to Africa, they are all over the map. US is also number 1 exporter of weapons and still supplies it to 98 countries while preaching a big "guff" that they are world savior and the prophet of democracy.

The tale of US waging a war among other poor countries is as older as,battle of Gettysburg. The most appalling fact is US control UN,IMF and World Bank which makes it conceivable unchallenging as it ruled the money and everything starts and ends in money in present "Kaliyug". If one blindly trusts whatever US department of foreign affairs states then s/he is more exploitable and credulous than much loved Shree 5 Birendra.

The acuality/rhetoric that comes in mind is: war and US are two sides of a same coin. I have this hunch that war is the only thing that runs US economy. No war means no business, no active economy and recession for US!. Being the no 1 financial defaulter in the world, it still boasts of new war, which is anything but senseless.

US is one of the greatest country in the planet but its foreign policy is always scummy. It has "too good for too long" and just like the cycles of the seasons and planets, it will plunge down with a bang in its due time. They lie to the mass in board day light and bomb kids and grannies without much opposition.They destroyed the poor Afganis for poppies, they destroyed Iraq and Baghdad for weapons of mass destruction but all they find there was just camel sausages! I will think many times before trusting their "national interest". I remember talking with a clever Uncle in a party, who made green card in just 8 months, and he was asking me " How developed do you think US will be in 100 more years?". I replied " The country will not be there at this rate of fighting!!".God bless all.

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