Posted by: Moneyminded December 10, 2004
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I told myself not to respond on this thread at all because it was really getting heaped and disrespect of believe by some Christian believer. I have to be thankful for helping me out being messiah who opened my eye with such a high intellectuality. First, let me clarify the fact that Fouling language doesn?t make me vulgar, disrespectful and moron of existing society. There is lot of factors in life which you pass through and cannot be certified in black and white. I don?t intend to be apple of your eye neither to be blue eyed boy of Darjeeling Gorkha hill council population. The vague idea of being educated which is leading you to non other than ego and pride. There is lot of things which I have gained from kalimpong like wise education, harmony in different culture and inter-caste marriage. I was extremely surprised by chettri married to subba, Lepcha to dukpa. I would like to analyze your own population who use swearing word among the frens not for offence but part of speech. In every word they go like maaka?or jam laune . In kathmandu we do same..saying Muj..,maachik?.and rando. It doesnot mean anything. It is just a sigh from verbal side of speech to refer to friends or just being closer to buddy. You are referring me as foul language speaker because of words I like fuc?shake, holy fuc.., shi?etc. It is making you kuwa ko bhaguta because here everyone uses that word from expat to sweeper. It extends for gal to guy, homosexual to heterosexual. This is what creating big differentiate between us here. Even your 98 percent of population is educated. I didn?t wanted to mention this fact but density population of darjeeing ranks first on drug addict compare to kathmand,pokhara and other cities of Nepal. How should we take this? Is this how the educated person do hooked up in brown sugar etc. Give me a break?.i didn?t wanted to talk but you brought me a obligation. Thanks and good nite Anyway you sound like my ex-gf from saint philomina? Are you by the way nindia mani pardhan?
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