Posted by: aam maafi December 14, 2019
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@ Sexi in Sari

Brother thank you for ur feedback but if you look in USCIS websites as long as TPS is valid anyone can apply till date as long as they have a good reason or good cause of applying late. It applies to all countries not only NEPAL. Some ppl might have pending asylum case, someone might have different case scenarios where they don't need TPS at that time as they already have work authorization EAD card. Everyone has a different case scenario.

Below two links would be helpful for anyone who wants to start.

@ Gandharba,

Yes, I have seen in recent years someone case get approved which encourages me to apply that's why I thought of applying.

I think the RFE which I got has two parts of documents that I need to submit.

1. I have to send a document establishing that I was in status throughout my stay in the USA.
Which I believe is the screenshot that I posted above.
2. In the second or third Paragraph of RFE, it has asked me to submit the documents of my continues stay in the USA from 2015.

I am considering sending the Car Insurance bill that I paid throughout the year.

I was more concerned about the first Part in which I have to establish I was in valid immigration status and was granted voluntary departure or relief. So that confuses me. As I have submitted my documents which clearly shows I was in valid immigration status. I have posted a link below if you still have doubt or confusion please check that out.

@ Gandharba do let me know if you have any suggestion on how to respond RFE besides sending all the I-20's, OPT card & OPT EXT photocopy and Letter in Reference to that.

@ Sajha_sadasya : I have no idea or a good grasp of Knowledge about AP otherwise I would have thrown my insight in this post. Anyways good luck.

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