Posted by: meraj October 14, 2019
An Indian worker trying to really hard to give a bad impression
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If I am not in super tight spot time/delivery wise, I am usually more concerned about people ability to work in team, their work attitude, their desire and effort to learn and grow quickly then their experiences from the day one . And these are things that will help you rather than, you complaining about your co-worker , if job is your priority. If job, is not priority then of course it’s un-ethical for your coworker to check your private stuff, and so is your mistake to put it in your work laptop/phone what ever it is. You can easily complain about that aspect to your supervisor, if you choose so.

Not to generalize , Indians are usually more competitive then Nepalese . He might be trying to prove he is more critical to team then you. You can simply handle these situations, by simply praising him for the help he is providing to you in team meetings. While you are doing any presentation or talking about your work with your entire team, just start praising or acknowledging help you get , from other people and may be exaggerate little bit more for this guy. Now he sees , himself in better position by helping you and he will be willing to help more. In long run you will loose nothing by praising other people In team or being humble.

Another aspect is that, if you were hired to fill critical skill gap in your Team, in critical area/technology, drive project or program as lead etc and you are not being able to do that or know you can’t do it right away, you should look for other option and not dragged team down. You should start your job from non-critical position.
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