Posted by: tito-satya October 14, 2019
An Indian worker trying to really hard to give a bad impression
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see... do not worry what help he gets and how he survives in that position and how he is helping other but you. That is not the issue over here.

The issue is, you are new but you went for the job stating you have a lot of years of experience.

He might be new like you but his luck is he is getting help and you are not.

Try to understand your problem rather than pointing issues of others. Understand, you faked for that position. So what makes you to expect to think everything will go good for you.

See, I am not discouraging you. I am just trying to make you aware about your real expertise. Since you do not have experience, you should have already expected the stress you are going through.

I have been through your situation but I managed the situation and I am pretty sure everybody must have gone through the same situation who faked their resume and landed the job.

The best bet is, be polite, try to make friendship with that person, absolutely do not bring your little attitude at this time. Satisfy the ego of that person in anyway you can.

Ultimately, if you cannot handle the stress, just quit and search for another position.

Talking about what is good or what is bad does not work here. Understand, you faked your resume to land the job. So, you started your career on the basis of bad, faking the resume, so how could you expect everything to be good for you.
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