Posted by: underwear October 10, 2019
Defend 2nd ammendment , offend Constituion
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Alright, I get your point. You want to have a logical, profound, reflective and a reasonable argument? Let’s have at it.

So how is recanting support for Kurds against the constitution? Have you read one? How does it compromise our peace, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How does it deprive us from petitioning the government?

Liberal propaganda is at a record high with their inane conspiracy theories and far right is too keen to rest their wisdom and derive their philosophy off Fox and friends. And there are people like you who want to start a quality thread to ‘discuss something different’ without a concrete knowledge where sooner or later everyone starts berating everyone else.

I prefer writing a thread speaking of my sexual escapade than getting owned by someone like this. (wink! wink!)

Clinton was mum when Hutus were lynching Tutsis, a fair lineup of US presidents pretended Sudan genocide never happened or mass murder of Kashmiris by Indian Army or war between Ceylonese military and LTTE, and you want to speak only about this genocide now? As if there hasn’t been a genocide in the past where Americans overlooked it?

I implore you to get your facts straight, then we can talk.
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