Posted by: logan October 10, 2019
Defend 2nd ammendment , offend Constituion
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Thank you Lothar,
What should we discuss here is sajha ? Trying to give something different than "Katiyo and Chikiyo" "Budhi ( budha) ko Saathi sang sutiyo" , 485 , 130 , " kaalo Tika and seto Tikaa" maharaale karani gare ( rape) gare and victim le karani hoiin bhanin .................................

I am just worried about those Kurds who help to fight against ISIS and this fucking moron Sankhnaad gardai claimed VICTORY now they left behind to be crushed by Turkish , Turkish will give weapons to ISIS and will release those 10K captured ISIS, will go after Kurdish like Australian dingoes.
It is odious that Genocide is going to happen.
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