Posted by: soaltee July 18, 2019
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Ok, I will take that 'honest' at face value. Answer is right along what you already said. News don't sell news anymore, they sell agenda. Don't listen to them you MIGHT be uninformed, listen to them you WILL be misinformed. Just like your professor said in college, you dig into primary sources not secondary sources for your research paper. You don't make opinions about Pelosi by listening to Fox news. You watch her speech directly, not the tailored clips, but the whole speech with open mind if possible. You want to analyze Trump, listen to him directly, full speech. Hardly any Trump hater would have patience to do that though.

More important than their talks, you look at their walk, their record. I made decision not to vote Hillary not because Fox told me but because of her bad record. You judge Trump via neutral analysis of his actions not CNN or MSNBC or your dear BBC's interpretation of his actions. Example: CNN said Trump will start nuclear war, he didn't, no NK rockets for a long time because of his willingness to come to table. CNN said Trump can't be trusted with making war and peace decision, he could be, he stopped the planned Iran bombing. CNN said he won't have good relationship with Muslim countries, Middle East seems to be giving more respect now to this country and this president than the earlier.

Well, that's your honest answer.

Itahariko - What have I done on dalit, woman issue? First, I don't consider it "blah blah shit". They are as much of serious issue to me as your poor, innocent illegals' problem. Second, I speak about these issues wherever relevant ( I brought this issue up here) and of course when I see it happening around me. What have you done on these issues, Mr Libbie?
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