Posted by: soaltee July 18, 2019
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shelvey Jyu - Exactly! Stand for America and you are QAnon, KKK, Aryan Nation and so on. Typical leftist tactic to shutdown the pro Americans - call them racist instead of coming back with solid arguments. I would rather look inside the Left for better example of demagogue - your god Bernie, your goddess Warren, Pelosi and let's not even get started about the newfound heroes of the Dems. Regarding Trump, go back and read again what I said. I do hold certain cynicism about him but as of now I don't see anyone, on either side's establishment, to represent American interest better.

Please entertain yourself with that link of yours from BBC. Left's propaganda machines. Apparently the free speech is the privilege for the left only. They can openly claim that 911 was an insider job. They can openly disrespect our veterans, denounce our flag and get away with it. Don't feel sorry at all for the congresswoman. Right enough of someone to remind her she has the option to go back anytime if she so desires if she hates this country so much.
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