Posted by: shelvey July 17, 2019
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Pot calling kettle black. You are the one who is repeatedly calling itahariko 'uneducated, illiterate' etc. I just said if you were a true conservative, you'd think immigrants to be an asset not a nuisance. Now you will bring up "I ONLY SAID ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE BAD". Well, guess what crossing border to file asylum is legal. (But your icon, only favors white immigrants only, whether legal or illegal, which is besides the point). Nobody said open the borders, it has never been like that (especially after 9/11). Improve the measures that actually cuts down fraud (fake asylum etc.) and border safety etc, don't talk about medieval shit like "the wall" that doesn't work just to rile up people. Anyways, you have started to bring whataboutism into the discussion as any newly minted Trumpian conservatives would. See Brampton's response above, it should more or less answer all your concerns.
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