Posted by: khaikhok July 16, 2019
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where drug lord terrorize the citizens- just swim to America (see how idiotic it sounds) coz i know it'd be ruled by libtards like you and they'd probably let me in. Trump would be one of the best US president and Dem candidate (if they won) would be the best mexican president on US soil.

and i never admitted on lying anyone. i said "some of us might have" some of us implying -we, from nepal. and i didnt steal a job. i have a valid work authorization that legally allows me to work which was issued by Federal government. thats not called stealing.

and why are you after my fake document? i submitted what i had. let's assume for a minute i did submit fake docs , but those documents (although were real) werent even considered at all when i was in visa window. just 1 document was enough for them to grant me a visa. they didnt even care what i submitted.

finally, "Corruption matra huda ta desh chodera vagis"- i didnt leave Nepal coz i was upset abt corruption. i left coz i wanted to. i left coz i got an opportunity to come here, study and work here. my birth in nepal wasnt my choice but living and working in US is mine and i earned this privilege (not only me but most of us- probably including you.)

after your and liberals' death, please do the same thing in heaven and ask lord to open border. coz as i spoke against illegal immigration, i might go to hell and with AOC going to heaven for her "aww poor mexican" philosophy she'd probably make open border in heaven too. see you there.
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