Posted by: itahariko July 15, 2019
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You think Dems or Repub can project you a$$ if u are a convicted felon and have warrant? Don't think so!!
You would have tried to make your way thru anywhere nearby good places if you a$$ was eating mud.
If you came on student visa i don't think you worked on campus to pay your tuition fees neither did anyone you know. Don't try to fool yourself saying u worked your a$$ off and everything you did was legal.

This country u stand is very result of migrations which happened because the oppression they faced at their lands. For that they murderer then entire natives to take over. You complained about people getting illegally? You must be joking!!

Arulai chai taile vanna hunne yesto 
"garib bhukka desh Bata aako magne Lai free care ra food stamp nadinu nai thik ho" 
And you don't want to make it personally? Everyone has right to live a good life not just educated ones. 
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