Posted by: logan July 5, 2019
Are you invited for 4th of July Celeberation by WH
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Your are right on this matter,  Obama took office when the economy was in deep down recession. But he turned it 180 degree around and the economy was growing steady when he completed his tenure.  FYI: Trump was handed a HEALTHY and prospering Economy by O-Bama. That is his Legacy, do not forget that and read more about Bush jr. era that will help to undersand on US economy.

You guys must be followers of Warren Jeff too because started seeing churches all over NK after Trump third hand shake with Kim.
Let me predict on his 4th hand shake with Kim, Kim will declare democracy and a new SALT 2  treaty will be singed bigly , bigly colorful  and bigly beautiful signatures without blue ink.

Now you guys started seeing MIRACLES every where, are you on Prozac? Just curious!

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