Posted by: Jeremiah July 4, 2019
Restaurant opportunity in Nepal
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Have you worked in an American restaurant (fast food, sit-in, carry out)? Pizza joints?

Are you contemplating on returning back? If yes, then this is a unique and a perfect opportunity. I'm a returnee and I'm currently involved in (and own a few businesses in Nepal). I've got a sweet spot (35 seater restaurant) at a prime location (literally over 30 offices). But I haven't been able to give enough time and that's why it hasn't been as profitable as it could've been.

Here's what I'll offer. Experience/support to run/operate the restaurant fully. I can look after hiring/purchases etc.

What I seek = someone that's got experience and has a passion for running a restaurant and perhaps, cooking/introducing a few items.

If you're serious, we can discuss this further on viber/fb etc.

Thank you.

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