Posted by: Nepaltop June 25, 2019
Form I140 and 485 filed concurrently, 140 approved, 485 rejected
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I have an interesting senario. My I140 and 485 filed concurrently on June 3. Got I140 approval on june 21 (PP), but 485 was denied for unknown reason and letter was received on June 24.

The document I received states “Payment amount incorrect or has not been provided”. My lawyer told me on June 25 that they already got the entire rejected package (140 &485) sometime between June 3 and June 10 and send to USCIS already. And the approved 140 was par of the document resent to USCIS. Interestingly, afternoon of June 25, they receive the rejection of 485. Note that 140 has been approved.

My lawyers are blaming USCIS for not processing document right. They claim that they sent I140 & 485 together and USCIS partially approved 140 but denied to take 485. I don’t know whether to trust them, but have no options now.

Anyone of you went through same issue? My company hired them so I can’t change the lawyer. What would be the outcome? Is there any timeline before we need to submit 485 after 140 approval? Will this decrease my chance of getting accepted for change of Status? Worried, frustrated and irritated. Can’t do much. Any suggestions?

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