Posted by: IAmMyBoss June 17, 2019
Paras Shah and Sonika Singh with Huge Money !
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Sorry Guys, it took me a while to reply back here, busy busy, super busy just like yourself.
Anyways this post got 6550 views as of today, which is pretty good. Thanks to Parash dai, Sonika Singh whoever that is and Money.

Thanks to all of you who at least read the topic, and big thanks to Superdad, and Lothar. It should be Sonika Singh, nice catch, but guys in sajha just need a female name, Singh or Rokaya does not matter, right ?

Anyways here is the good Intent that I promise to announce, the reason of this post

So back in the days, I was spending so much of my free time in internet, for entertainment or unproductive things like those as I mentioned earlier. Then one day, one email hit my inbox, and it changed the way I see my life. It was from some Online Marketer, and he was selling me a software on how to prospect, find clients who need any services. The software is one time payment of $17, which I liked. I was just starting my web design project as a personal project, and the software helped me to find clients. I scaled from there learning more and more things that came to my inbox. Now I have my own digital agency with three partners. I am about to leave my IT job by the end of 2019.

What I am trying to focus here is, enjoy your life, get entertained. But if you can spare at least 5-10 minutes of your free time in learning new technology, you can earn a living within a year. If you can give more time, and focus on single technology, you can make a living within months. You don't need money or a work permit to start, but you need focus and passion.

Here are topics that I have learnt, and which you can do too. If you need any help on learning anything you can google it which may be longer way, or contact me which is lot faster. And I will not charge any money because there is a big market, I cannot be expert on everything and I need people like you for our networking which will benefit all of us.

1. Make money by writing articles
2. Make money by sharing pictures that you took, not that kind of though ;-)
3. Buying, and selling Domains- Very easy
4. Ranking youtube videos
5. Shopping online
6. Increasing Instagram Likes, and Followers with Hashtags, white hat method
7.Helping local businesses through various ways on their online needs
8. Chatbots
9. Web Design
10. Renting Sites that you ranked
11. Curating Contents
12. Using Fiverr, Thumbstack, Upwork
13. Leveraging Power of Facebook, and Linkedin
14. SEO
15. Joining Affiliate programs of Amazon, Walmart, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus
16. Joining our network, where you earn while you learn
and much much more

Just for this project, I have created a site where you can sign up to learn more

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