Posted by: sun23 June 8, 2019
Do we have to reapply for Tps EAD AGAIN
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You do not need to re-apply for the EAD card as it clearly mentions in the notice. Also, you do not need it to renew your driver's license. You have to provide proof showcasing that you are a TPS benficiary up until June 24 2019. Provide the Motor vehicle services in you home State the previous TPS approval letter. Hence the federal notice should be sufficient because you will not receive an approval notice because you are not applying for TPS because of the auto-extention. I renewed my DL showing the Federal registar notice in PA. You can also use the federal notice as a proof of employment up until May 24 2020. There is a statement in the notice as to how you can use the notice for your I 9 employment verification.
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