Posted by: guitarcenter June 3, 2019
Learning computer programming
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Hello CodeStation,
Thumbs up for the video. Really liked the simple explanation of algorithm on sorting. I see that you have also shown the code in your video, as one of the user recommended earlier, I would also recommend the same. As you explain the algorithm, I think it would be helpful if you provide the code in any base language to the viewer. You could also make another video on the coding part in IDE. And also on another video explain debugging, watch, quick watch. The reason I mentioned this is when I was very beginner, I dived into the end result. And when there was errors I had no clue why it occurred. Basically I did not knew how to debug. You could also use free github to keep your simple video working code so that new users would have exposure to version control. I am sure that most of the developers working now would have knowledge what is version control, but I am just targeting beginners as I am recommending.
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